Taking care of your crystals.

To keep the jewelry beautiful, I recommend not to put it in water too much or to let it get wet. Most stones (with the exception of a few types of stone) can withstand this, but in the longer term it is better for the wire to not get wet to often.

I have on the site: 

Silver plated: The cheapest option of the 3, also stays very nice if you just take good care of it like other jewelry. (So don't get too much wet etc) I really like it, I wear it every day and they are still like new.

Silver: This is all silver so in theory it lasts longer than silver coated, same look as the coated wire but there is no copper on the inside. 

Gold filled: This is not pure gold wire but wire with a few layers of gold around it so it lasts super long. So unlike coated wire which has only 1 layer of gold on top (and therefore wears faster). 

If the wire is a little dull grab a cloth for cleaning jewelry and then they are actually as good as new! 

To energetically clean the jewelry / stones, I recommend cleaning them with incense, (but do what  you feel is right!) . For charging, I personally prefer to place them next to / on clear quartz or selenite. This works very well, but it is especially important to do what feels right with you and what works for the stone. 

Before the stones leave here to their new home, I clean them one more time for everyone.


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