About me
Hi! I am Lotte.

I started Stones of Wonders out of a passion for stones, I have been collecting stones myself for a long time because I think they are amazingly beautiful! My personal favorite stones are: labradorite, fluorite and smoky quartz and there many more ! there are only a handfull of stones that I don't like haha!

I practiced making pendants for a long time until I found them beautiful and sturdy enough to sell, for this I tried them myself for a longer period of time. I choose all the crystals on the site with care and love by hand, and only sell what I think is beautiful.

I hope everyone has a lot of fun with the stones they buy from me. I really enjoy making things that people can enjoy for a long time and I think that the stones that are selected get a nice place in everyone's home / life, and whether that is based on feeling, the color, the effect or the kind of stone. I like that everyone has their own reason that makes them attracted to a stone.

I hope you find something beautiful on my site, I will always do my best to keep looking for beautiful stones. 

Fun fact; my logo is based on a fluorite octahedron and my favorite color. How cool is that!

Thank you very much in advance!


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