What is the Dragon Turtle?
In ancient China, imaginary and real animals were looked to for their energetic qualities and various properties. These animals were depicted in art and other decorations because of their beauty and revered for their symbolic power and significance. One is the mythical dragon turtle, which is a combination of the dragon and the turtle.

The dragon turtle has a dragon's head on a turtle body. The dragon turtle is said to invite wealth and success.

Combining the dragon and the turtle
The auspicious dragon turtle combines the dragon and the turtle, two of the four celestial animals. One of the main foundations of feng shui philosophy are the four celestial animals. They are the white tiger in the east, the red phoenix in the south, the green dragon in the west and the black turtle in the north. The four celestial animals give rise to the primary concepts of feng shui that advise on how to create harmony and success between people and their built environment. The black turtle provides support, safety and protection, while the green dragon inspires growth, life and harmony.

Moreover, the dragon turtle brings together the amazing qualities of both the turtle and the dragon. In most cultures, the turtle is known for its longevity, fortitude and wisdom. The dragon, in Asian cultures, represents generosity, greatness and great power.

Take good care of your dragon turtle and keep it free of dust and dirt so that it can properly do its job as a good luck charm. 

Ideally, you do not want the dragon turtle facing directly toward you when you sit. It is recommended to place it in your general direction, but such that it looks past you, to protect you. 

Placement in the bedroom? It is recommended to keep the Dragon Tortoise out of the bedroom and reserve him for the more active parts of the house that are suitable for his placement.

On a desk or workplace to promote career success
The Dragon Tortoise is usually recommended for feng shui applications in a home office or on a desk to enhance and promote your career success. You can place it in the career or wealth area of the home office, workspace or desk.

Activate the wealth corner
Place a dragon turtle in the wealth corner of your home (called Xun in Chinese) to invite more wealth and prosperity. To find the wealth corner of your home, stand by the front door and look inside. The leftmost corner of your house is the wealth corner. You can also activate the wealth zone of your home office. To find the wealth zone of your home office, stand in the doorway of the office and look inside. The leftmost corner of the room is the wealth area.

Stimulate the center of the home, the Tai Qi
The center of your home is considered a power place when it comes to feng shui because it affects all areas of your life. Try placing a dragon turtle in the center of your home to invite financial abundance and prosperity for the whole family.

The Dragon turtle's head cannot point to the front door, which is under the guidance of the God of the Door and the God of Wealth. Otherwise, it will overstep the authority. For other doors, however, it is fine to look at it or not.


For even more information, there is a lot more online. I think its really intersting to read up on. 

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