What is a Pixiu?
The Pixiu is a hybrid creature that can look slightly different depending on the region or period in which it was made. Generally, it is depicted with a dragon's head on a lion- or dog-like body. Sometimes it has wings or a horn. And often it is depicted sitting on its hindquarters like a dog. It appears quite stable and perhaps even a little set.

The story of the Pixiu
There are several Chinese legends that explain the mythology of the Pixiu and what the Pixiu means.  It is said that the Pixiu once visited the Jade Emperor and defecated all over the palace floor. As a result, the Jade Emperor sealed the Pixiu's buttocks so that the Pixiu could no longer defecate and have such an accident.

The mythology of the Pixiu also discusses how the Pixiu eats valuable jewelry, silver and gold, but this never leaves his body (remember the sealed buttocks?). Therefore, the Pixiu became a symbol of abundance and wealth because he consumes treasures but never gives them up. So what does a Pixiu do? It is believed that it can receive and hold wealth for its owner.

In the figurines they sell of the Pixiu, you can see at the bottom that he is sitting on some coins.

How to activate Pixiu
There are certain things you need to know to activate the Pixiu. First, it must be placed in a metal bowl filled with gems and money to "feed" it and teach it to seek wealth and abundance. This should be replaced annually. Pet the Pixiu to strengthen your bond, but do not touch his mouth or eyes or allow others to touch him. caution! Give the pixiu only coin money, letter money he does not recognize.

Caring for your Pixiu
If you choose to bring a Pixiu symbol into your home, take good care of it, just as you would a favorite pet. Keep it polished, dust-free and clean. You can even give it love and a pat on the head when you walk by.

Ensure success for your desk
In feng shui, your desk and workplace represent your career. Representing the Pixiu would be a supportive way to improve the feng shui of your career to invite more prosperity and happiness.

You can place the Pixiu in the wealth corner of your desk or office. The wealth corner is the upper left corner of your desk. If you want to locate this area for your office, stand in the doorway and look inside. The far left corner of the room is your wealth area. Make sure the Pixiu is facing the door so it can catch all the wealth and keep it safe for you.

Tips for placing Pixiu

  • When placing a PiXiu at home, make sure its head points to a window or door for attracting money and guarding the house.
  • PiXiu is not suitable to be placed in the bedroom. You can place him in the sitting room to fully appreciate his role. Because of its residential structure, the sitting room usually serves as the "central palace" of the Feng Shui home and occupies the central place of a house. If it is impractical to place Pi Xiu in the sitting room, you can place him on the windowsill of the largest window and have his head pointing outward.
  • PiXiu's head cannot point to the front door, which is under the direction of the God of the Door and the God of Wealth. Otherwise, it will overstep the authority. For other doors, however, it is fine to look at them or not.
  • Do not let PiXiu look at your bed; he may then start teasing you in your sleep.
  • Do not put PiXiu over your head. Otherwise, the Pi Xiu will not collect wealth for you because he cannot see you.
  • Do not let the PiXiu look at a mirror. Normal sunlight does not harm Pi Xiu, but not sunlight reflected from a mirror. Because PiXiu fears reflected sunlight, do not let his head look toward a mirror, or his spirituality will be affected.​
  • Don't let PiXiu's head look at an aquarium or Buddha statue, and don't place it under a beam. Don't let it look at a computer either, as PiXiu has a terror of glare.
  • Once the PiXiu is properly placed, do not move it randomly. Wrap the head with a red cloth before moving it to clean it.
  • It should not be placed in the bedroom, especially opposite the bed. This mythical beast has the power to aggressively leap forward to take back the energy of wealth. Having one facing the bed will affect sleep quality with nightmares and disturb you.
  • Do not place this symbol opposite the toilet because that is a place of filth and stench.
  • Do not buy second-hand used Pixiu because you will never know the energies passed on by the previous owner.
  • Is it better to have more PiXiu in the house? The answer is no. Pi Xiu is a fierce animal and they will fight each other if you have too many in the house. If you do have more than 2? or a Dragon turtle and a Pixiu, then the bigger one is the boss. 

For even more information, there is a lot more online. I think its really intersting to look into.

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